You know how Baseball and Football scouts and recruiters

visit games and practices of the players, looking for talent? Well, why don’t lit agents make the rounds at coffee shops and public libraries? Perhaps stopping by my table, and asking, “Hey, man, whatcha workin’ on?” and smiling as I turn my macbook around to face him, revealing my Word document with thousands of words. And then as he skims I briefly explain the premise, how the characters developed, and maybe throwing in wry remarks about my personal life, so that he or she can get a fuller sense of who I really am.

I mean, I don’t know many, or really any literary agents, but it seems like it would benefit them to be proactive in finding new writers. Ones like me who have no problem writing things like novels, but can’t for the life of himself write a query letter or author bio.

Umm, hello?

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  1. ourlightsinvain answered: I’m often surprised (well, not really) by how many writers, artists and other entertainers don’t realize that the vast majority of us suck.
  2. stickyisaslut answered: Right again Mike… people should pay you for the shit you come up with
  3. spade-alpha answered: I’m kinda surprised that that’s not how they already do that, lol. That’s genius.
  4. susancohen said: Actors and models too. How many times do you hear “They were discovered in their school cafeteria/the mall/etc…”
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