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Inkwell — “I Am The Tightrope”

When once one of my fav people ever had a band and that band broke up and then that person made a new band and this was track one side one of that new bands record and fucking perfect.

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Michigan’s in the rearview now
Keep your hands where I can see them
You took the words right out of my mouth
When you knew that I would need them
What am I supposed to do now
Without you
Without you…

This song keeps coming back to me and when it does I never know for sure when it left and that really screws with me.

During a pretty dark point in my life last winter / spring while I was living in Philadelphia and traveling back-and-forth from Maine, NYC & Philly, The Milk Carton Kids came into my qworldview. This happened because I thought they were going to be playing A Prarie Home Companion, which I had tickets to. As it turned out they were playing the following week and musical guest on the show I saw was Aaron Neville which is a whole different story altogether. Anyway during that dark time I pretty much only listened to The Milk Carton Kids and the Zack Brown Band while Bolt Bussing all over the northeast and I can tell you that I’m the better for it. Love these guys.

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I just realized I had this mp3, and it’s a really quiet, clean version of Something’s Missing In Your Atmosphere, which is heaven. It’s very seamless; if I didn’t know about the two songs, I’d probably think this is a song unto its own — I’d be okay with this, by the way. You can probably mix Too Legit To Quit with In Your Atmosphere and I’d still be in love with it, but that’s another story.

Naturally, like any JM enthusiast with a lot of time on his or her hands (or love, a lot of love for JM, that sounds better), I looked up different performances of SMIYA online. Every version is unique, it’s amazing what he does with two (or three, as is the case in the last video) songs; you can listen to them one after the other and feel like you’ve heard completely different tunes. So if you’re in the mood (and how can you not be):

[x] On His Own Live In LA 2008
[x] Sydney Entertainment Centre May 2010 
[x] Birmingham February 2010
[x] Mayercraft 2008

P.S. I’ve developed an unnecessarily complex way of compressing an mp3 but it’s just that I love this song so much to care.

This is kind of intense levels of fandom and I’m way into it.

Bon Iver-- “Beth/Rest” (Rare Book Room Version)

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AC/DC - “If You Want Blood (You Got It)”


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Jefferson Airplane is cool, right? I mean my mom, who smoked a lot of pot thought they were cool, so they must have been cool. At least they were cool to a teen living in central Michigan like my mom. Although one must consider that in 1967 when Jefferson Airplane released “White Rabbit” she was only 8 years old. Coincidentally when I was 16 years old, in 1996 my highschool marching band played “White Rabbit” during the half-time festivities at every home and away football game. We totally rocked it. Of course that year we also played “Come Out and Play” by the Offspring. Yes, in 1996 my highschool marching band played an Offspring song. We fucking ruled. Thank you.

Anyway, Jefferson Starship is a spin-off band of Jefferson Airplane that began in the mid 70’s, and  later in 1984ish after the dissolve of Jefferson Airplane and the ensuing legal battle over the use of the name “Jefferson Airplane/Starship” the band STARSHIP(caps mine) was born. I can’t really point to any of their work that’s notable, aside from this single and two others. This one, written by Albert Hammond (of “it never rains in southern california” fame, and father of Albert Hammond Jr., guitarist of The Strokes) and Diane Warren (the woman who wrote Milli Vanilli’s “Blame It On The Rain”, ironically) for the soundtrack to the film Mannequin starring a young, (post-St. Elmo’s Fire, pre-Weekend At Bernie’s), Andrew McCarthy and a still beautiful Kim Cattrall pre-plastic-surgery, sex in the city. Ms. Cattrall was also, in Porky’s… Yes!

So this film, Mannequin was a favorite of mine growing up. It touched on all of the things I wanted in my life/didn’t have. A jeep (at the beginning it’s established that Andrew’s character drives a jeep as evidences from the opening scene where he drives his Jeep to work and parks it on the streets of Philly and takes his steering wheel off of the car before work as to avoid having the car stolen), a job where you can work all night alone, meeting a woman who’s imaginary and beautiful and only alive to you, who eventually after enough trials and tribulation becomes a real person. It’s the classic male fantasy. 

So, Starship preforms a song by Hammond/Warren and it totally fucking rocks and it makes me so fucking happy and it makes me dance and I get a chill at the beginning of the guitar solo EVERY TIME I hear it. The song, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” is also SO MUCH better than their previous single “We Built This City”, which is just fucking horrible but also not as good as “Wild Again”—which was featured as the opening track to my favorite film of all-time, 1988’s Cocktail, starring Tom Cruise.  

Yeah, that’s what I think about this song.

LIFE UPDATE: I lived in Philly for like 3 months last year and currently own a Jeep. This post is almost 4 years old. I used to be somebody.

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George Strait — “When Did You Stop Loving Me”

Paul Simon The Sound of Silence 1991 

What you’re watching is a stone cold killer. To look out at the faces of 100k + people and stare back coldly at them, without nerves, to stand there and perform perfection is such a rare thing, i think. The man is legitimately 5’3 tall and yet he is so confident, he’s in total control of every single person in that park, and it has nothing to do with physical stature. I feel like a lot of people forget that Paul Simon is a killer guitar player. I mean, he’s shreds on those old records from the 60’s, and he hasn’t lost any chops here in ‘91. He at times rides this really fine line between talking/singing/and being ever so slightly flat, but it works because he sings down live. He doesn’t get ambitious with his vocals, and almost never sings the songs like he sang them on the record. He’s also unafraid to re-arrange a song, even a huge, huge hit like “Sound of Silence” here. Could you imagine even fathoming, even saying aloud: “I think I’ll play Central Park, again.” and that even being a reality for you to pull off? I guess I’m just wondering how anyone learns to be so cool. I mean i know it’s repetition, but some people just have a little thing extra, and boy, does that make for something real special for the rest of us. Anyway.

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Artist: Beloved

Song: Death to Traitors

Album: Failure On

- “We were born for battle” 

In march of 2001 my friend Patrick and I got into my toyota pick-up and drove 10 hours to Atlanta to attend the Luti-Kriss(later, more familiarly, named Norma Jean) “Throwing Myself" cd release show. Maybe the most epic lineup for a show, ever. My old friend Barrett’s band, A Becoming Walk opened, along with Cool Hand Luke, and then a band with 3 guitars, which was unusual, gave an unreal performance. Beloved, and this was before their "The Running” ep came out, almost upstaged Luti-Kriss… almost. Anyway, it’s awesome to see old jams come up on the dash. That’s the point of this.

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Pearl Jam > Better Man

back when you could sign up for those Columbia cd clubs and I did, and got like, 50 cd’s for FREE because i never paid for them and what was Columbia records gonna do, come to my house and shake down a kid in middle school? and anyway, i was obsessed with this record. to that point, music as art was a concept i understood but didn’t fully realize until i saw the liner notes of Vitalogy and i was mesmerized…


this bit of artwork drove me mad with curiosity, it literally didn’t fit anywhere in my world view and all i could do was think about what it meant to me and how strange and different the world was to what I believed it to be.

anyway, final anecdote about the cd club, was I also got the Nirvana discography from that haul (amongst other great albums, …311, Sublime, etc) and when the lyric in “Smells Like Teen Spirit” came on, and Kurt sang/screamed: “My libido, yeah!” I literally paused the CD player and went into the kitchen and asked my mom what the world “Libido” meant. So yeah, the 90’s were something!

Foo Fighters - Everlong (Live on Letterman)

  • this is sad in the way watching an Old Timer’s baseball game is sad; the pitches are lobs & they run so slow and every ball hit is a bouncer that doesn’t leave the infield.
  • undeniably one of the all-time great songs, but still.
  • is it weird that dave grohl is prob the best guitarist and drummer on the stage?
  • taylor looks really into it though, props.
  • how come when bands get older it feels more like they’re covering their own songs rather than preforming them?

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LCD Soundsystem — “Dance Yrself Clean”

I usually blast this on the way to the gym. I hate myself that i was like 3 years too late to LCD. They were just never on my radar even though all my LA tumblr friends, and later NYC friends were way into them. Shame.

Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands) Live (by Chhusu)

Brett Scallions basically looks as cool as you can possibly look on stage and sings here with a lot of umph and, think about at the time of this recording were there maybe 10, 20? cellphones in the building? Look at all the hands reaching up to the rock gods, the voices carrying the first chorus, all eyes totally focused on being in that moment (as they are surely aware they are on television, but still). 90’s revival, now! even though this record came out in 2000, it was surely written in the 90’s. Songs like this have so much intensity and adult angst. To me, clearly written by men in their late 20’s looking to r o c k, and other stuff, i’m sure.

Fuel — “Shimmer”

Music used to be so good and now we have mackerelmore. Also; amazing live version here with the lead singer from Train doing back-ups.

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Landslide - Fleetwood Mac

One of the only two acceptable Fleetwood songs. The other being “Second Hand News” all others are garbage and I will fight you over this.

Thank you for your time. Good night.